Our Programs

We believe Jiu Jitsu can be for everyone, including you! Our school offers a range of programs for all age groups

Kids Program

The GBK Program stems from the same framework as the Adult Program in terms of the class structure, promotion system, and even much of the curriculum. The big difference is the way in which the information is delivered and the addition of specific games and drills that align with the daily lesson plan.

While the GBK Program teaches children a practical self-defense system that increases confidence, provides an outlet for big energy, and makes them bully-proof, it goes far beyond that. The sequenced chain of techniques that comprise Jiu-Jitsu are far more complex and personal than the punches and kicks seen in other children’s martial arts. Students quickly learn that strength and athleticism will only get them so far, and that in order to be successful, they will have to outwit their opponent with intelligence and technique.

In each class, we heavily emphasize cooperation, being a good “training partner”, and how teammates should be treated. The students are also challenged with the responsibility of assisting and coaching those younger or less experienced. The overall result is children who are well-rounded, less reactive, and capable of defending themselves. Our students know what aggression is, and they know how to deal with it, both in themselves and others.

We have also found our program to be extremely successful with kids struggling with disabilities, behavior issues, ADHD and learning difficulties.

Adults Program

Our Adult Program is built on a foundation of safety and organized around the time-tested and world-famous Gracie Barra Curriculum. This program is a masterfully crafted union of self-defense and sport Jiu-Jitsu that empowers students with rock-solid, practical technique, while also providing the freedom necessary for you to develop you own individual “game.”

The Program is separated into three tiers of classes, each with a corresponding curriculum. GB1 Beginner; GB2 Advanced; and GB3 Expert. Students progress from one curriculum to the next based on experience and rank as they climb the ladder from white to black belt.

Each level of our program is fully supported by the GB Online platform. This means you can easily access videos of any technique, from any class, on your phone or computer, at any time. The program includes Gi and NoGi classes. However, NoGi training is not mandatory. The Adult Program, and the entire structure of Gracie Barra in general, is the brainchild of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and represents his life’s work; creating a team of the best black belt instructors in the world to deliver Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone.

Current Schedule

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